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The Success in Black and White ® podcast started from an idea we had to share our daily conversations with the world. Over the course of our time together, we have had to learn how to bridge the gaps of our lives, between racial and ethnic boundaries and cultures.  The fact that our relationship is interracial creates layers of intricacies in addition to normal relationship matters such as navigating careers, parenting, and making time for each other.  We have leaned into difficult conversations about starkly different life experiences, have loved each other through trauma and hardship, and have fretted over the potential for our children to face racism from all sides. You don't want to miss our conversations on life and love through the lens of an interracial couple.


"It all starts with a conversation"

We believe that understanding, empathy, and the beginning of healing starts with the willingness to have a conversation and to listen to different perspectives.



We have been together since 2013. We live in Tallahassee, FL with our daughter, Ana, our son, Von, and our family dog, Laney. As individuals, we are educators and leaders in the field of higher education.  Darryl's expertise includes leading and developing leaders, managing large-scale organizational operations, applying theoretical wellness concepts to everyday life, and helping others work through implicit biases through equity and diversity training.  April's areas of expertise include strategic, long-term planning, data analysis, research and assessment, conceptualizing holistic wellness planning, and developing leaders.  Together, we complement each other's work styles (while trying not to drive each other crazy). 

 The conversations we share with you- whether ours or our guests- are the beginning of understanding and healing. So listen, and feel free to reach out to continue the conversation!


Email and with questions and comments.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

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